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Sales and Services

We offer the following sales and services:
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Recharging of residential, agricultural, & commercial fire extinguishers
  • Hydro-static Cylinder Testing
  • Installations and service of spray booth and commercial kitchen fire suppression systems
  • Upgrading restaurant fire suppression systems to current ULC1254.6/UL300 standards
  • Emergency Lighting Sales and Service
  • Fire Alarm Sales Inspections and Verifications
  • Fire Demonstrations and Training
  • Cabinets and Standpipe Hoses
  • Automatic Sprinkler Inspections and Service

Fire ExtinguishersAs economy and performance are equally important, the ANSUL and Badger lines of stored pressure, hand portable fire extinguishers are designed for light to medium use, available in the following types:
  • Dry Chemical
  • Carbon Dioxide CO2
  • Water Extinguishers
  • Cartridge Operated
  • K Class Extinguishers
  • Clean Agent
Typical applications...
Auto repair shops, banks, electrical equipment rooms, hotels, machining operations, material handling vehicles, offices, churches, schools, daycare facilities, warehouses, and others.

Emergency Lighting
Emergency lighting is an important safety appliance that is quite often neglected until it's too late.

It is essential that the emergency lighting is installed, routinely inspected, regularly serviced and maintained by qualified personnel.

Emergency lighting allows people to see clearly, moving quickly and confidently to the nearest exit and to safety.

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